Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Replacements - All Shook Down 180g Vinyl Coming Soon!

Ya gotta love ORG Music and the classic titles they press. Next up for these guys are a couple of Replacements re-issues, Don't Tell A Soul and, for the first time on vinyl in the US, All Shook Down.

I happen to own a German copy of All Shook Down but I know even the most dedicated Mats fans can only wish they had a copy of this classic on vinyl. Wish granted!

Coming this fall (pre-order will be up soon)...

- Mastered from the original analog tapes by Kevin Grey / Acoustech
- First time on vinyl in the US
- 180g Vinyl pressed on high quality European vinyl

Finally! You can now complete your Mats vinyl discography! Life is good.


  1. I got this album miss pressed with Dolly Parton Islands in the stream on b side back at the original release

    gotta be worth sumthin’

  2. Will this get issued on vinyl in the US? Do really you think so? And when?

  3. I think Vinyl Hounds just printed pure speculation, and it just as likely might not appear in LP.

    1. I speculate you're an asshole. All the details above came in a dream. This was once posted on ORG's web site. It's now mysteriously gone. These things happen in the vinyl re-issue world. Oh, well.

  4. I've read in few places now that it will be released this November.